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Jay Z
A Dream

At High Street, we are proud to be partners with companies that are creating a positive impact for the largest sectors of the everyday economy.

Mauricio Iglesias

Led by CEO Mauricio Iglesias, Bastazo is a cybersecurity platform designed to manage software vulnerability risk for critical infrastructure. The company’s artificial intelligence-based platform integrates with the existing security tools to provide live vulnerability feeds, compliance checks, patch management, asset correspondence, reporting, and other related features to enable clients to automate risk analysis and optimize their business.

Chris Thompson
Sober Sidekick

Led by Founder and CEO Chris Thompson, Sober Sidekick is a Health Tech company that seeks to leverage the strength of community to expand positive health outcomes and preserve lives with its mobile-first healthcare engagement platform. Its platform utilizes gamified peer-to-peer support to foster meaningful connections around sensitive topics that individuals may be hesitant to discuss elsewhere. By applying their unique "Empathy Algorithm," the platform assures a 100% response rate from peers. This means that every member who posts on the platform receives support from their community, without exception. Sober Sidekick's approach aims to scale preventative health and provide comprehensive support to individuals seeking recovery.

Sallie Krawcheck

Ellevest is led by CEO and Founder, Sallie Krawcheck. One of the most senior women to have worked on Wall Street, with more than 25 years in the financial services industry, Sallie has led Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Citi Private as CEO. Sallie built Ellevest on the belief that only good things happen when women have more money — not just for women themselves, but also for their families and our society as well. Ellevest helps women build and manage their wealth through online investing, financial planning, and wealth management.

Led by Founder and CEO Lyle Adams, Spry is a Future of Work company that partners with universities and sports organizations with its SaaS solutions to help them streamline operations and student-athlete management. Spry has two products, SpryConnect and SpryNIL. SpryConnect is a modern administrative platform for collegiate athletic departments and is currently active in over 130+ organizations. It allows organizations to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, organize, and streamline key functions such as roster management, recruitment tracking, vendor payment processing, scheduling, and more. SpryNIL is resource management software that keeps departments informed about NIL activities and compliance requirements while providing student-athletes with the tools and educational resources to be successful.  

Kameale Terry

Led by Founder and CEO Kameale Terry, ChargerHelp! is a CleanTech and Future of Work company that provides on-demand repairs and maintenance for electric vehicle charging stations as well as a B2B subscription-model (Reliability-as-a-Service or “RaaS”) for original equipment manufacturers of electric vehicles to provide real-time data and insights on charging stations uptime and downtime via its proprietary EMPWR solution.

April Johnson

Led by Founder and CEO April Johnson, Happied is a Future of Work company that aims to streamline corporate team engagement and corporate retreats. Happied’s SaaS solution features a library of team engagement exercises as well as options to customize based on corporate and team goals. Happied is a tool suite equipping leaders to efficiently foster the engaged teams they desire. We use technology and deep industry expertise to save companies time, money, and administrative burden on ideating, planning, and garnering feedback on virtual, in-person and offsite team engagement events. With Happied, fostering happier and more productive workplaces becomes a breeze.

Aut voluptatibus
Boaz Bikes

Led by Emil Nnani, Boaz Bikes offers a transformative solution to urban mobility, pioneering safer and more accessible transportation for all. With a focus on seated scooters and cutting-edge technology, we prioritize safety, affordability, and convenience. Our unique approach, coupled with strategic partnerships and a commitment to community engagement, sets us apart in the micro-mobility landscape.

Steven Farag
Campus Ink

Led by Founder and CEO Steven Farag, Campus Ink is a legacy print and apparel business that is college-campus focused with B2B and B2C sales channels. As of 2020, they’ve expanded to NIL apparel and have gained significant traction with an unique approach to partnering with Tier 2 schools and college athletes.They run college specific direct-to-consumer brands and enable college students & athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness through direct sales & marketing.