Arkansas Venture Capital Ecosystem Market Map


Our latest visual market map showcases the vibrant VC ecosystem that's fueling innovation and growth across the state of Arkansas. This map is not just a resource – it’s a celebration of the collective efforts that are shaping the future. At High Street Equity Partners, we're committed to fostering a community where investors can collaborate, share insights, and support groundbreaking ventures.

This map is our way of celebrating the remarkable efforts of our fellow VCs and highlighting the opportunities that await. Together, we can make Arkansas a powerhouse of entrepreneurial success.

Special thanks to those who reviewed and provided input as we brought this resource together: Jeff Amerine, PMP, Quinn Robertson, Deb Williams, Danielle Chaney, David Sanders, Kathryn Carlisle, Tiffany Henry, and Canem Arkan.

We’re excited to create our next market map, which will chart the promising high-growth technology companies in the market.